Teeth Whitening

Teeth become stained and discoloured mainly from our everyday activities such as dietary and social habits. Food and drinks such as coffee, tea, wine and curry are the main contributors of teeth staining. Other causes may be due to smoking or certain medications. It is advised to avoid or at least reduce consumption of these food and drinks to prevent further staining.

Teeth whitening treatment is quick, safe and effective procedure to achieve a brighter and whiter smile. The in-chair whitening process is simple which involves protecting your gums with a special material and placing the bleaching gel on your teeth for three to four 15 minutes cycles, giving instant visible results (up to eight shades whiter and varies for each individual).

However, if you prefer whitening in the comfort of your home or work, we offer take-home bleaching. A mould of your top and bottom teeth are taken to fabricate custom made whitening trays. A lower concentration bleaching gel is given to you to complete over the course of 7-10 days.

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