How often should I get my teeth cleaned?

In order to reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease, good oral hygiene habits need to be practiced and this includes visiting the dentist once every six months for a professional clean. Special tools are used during a professional clean to ensure that plaque and buildup on your teeth is removed in order to maintain a healthy mouth.

Why are my gums swollen?

Swelling and bleeding of the gums are common problems suffered by many. This can be due (but not limited to) the following reasons:

  • Gum disease (Gingivitis & Periodontitis)
  • Fracture of the tooth
  • Impacted teeth (usually caused by wisdom teeth)
  • Dental abscess (serious & acute gum infection)

If you are experiencing pain in your gums, please contact us immediately to schedule an appointment.

What should I do if an adult tooth falls out?

Avoid additional trauma to the tooth and contact us immediately. Time is of the essence and re-implanting the tooth within 30 minutes of the incident has the highest degree of success. Handle the tooth with care while transporting it to the dentist. Please do not handle the tooth by the crown of the tooth. Do not brush or scrub the tooth. If dirt is present on the tooth, gently rinse with water. Transport the tooth either in your mouth or in milk to prevent further exposure. Please do not handle the tooth by the root of the tooth.

Anxious patients

At Advance Dental Canley Heights, we understand that visiting the dentist is challenging for nervous patients. Please let us know prior to your appointment if you are nervous and we will be able to accommodate to your situation to ensure that you have a pleasant experience with us.

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