Childrens Dentistry

In Australia, more than half of children experience tooth decay, which can lead to early tooth loss and cause problems with the development of their adult teeth.

It is important for children to have routine check ups to detect any signs of early decay, provide preventative and restorative treatments and give the children and parents oral hygiene instructions. Our main aim is to make your kids dental visit as comfortable and relaxing as possible. At the appointment, we examine the mouth for any signs of early decay and dental or orthodontic issues.

A scale and clean or polish is given as well and X-rays will be not be used unless necessary.

Medicare Australia offers the Child Dental Benefit Scheme for eligible children ages between 2-17. The benefit entitles kids to have access to $1000 (resets every two years) for basic dental services which includes check-ups, x-rays, fillings, root canals and extractions. Your child may be eligible, if they receive Medicare and you receive Family Tax Benefit Part A or certain other government payments.

Please refer to the Medicare website for more information Medicare website

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